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Preserving the Past: The Timeless Art of Maintaining Historic Windows

From the graceful curves of colonial casements to the ornate tracery of Gothic arches, each window tells a story, reflecting the craftsmanship, culture, and design ethos of its era. Yet, as with any artifact of history, the preservation of historic...

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Why Window Restoration is Better Than Replacement

  Are you contemplating getting rid of your old or historic windows and replacing them with newer model? We think you should pause and reconsider… While there are times when window replacement is necessary, in most cases, a simple...

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Project Highlight: City of Carmel Historic Civic Center Window Restoration

Window Consultants of Indiana was recently awarded a contract for restoration of the City of Carmel’s historic Civic Center windows. Given the City’sincredibly high and exacting standards, securing a contract with the City of Carmel is a...

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