Why Window Restoration is Better Than Replacement


Are you contemplating getting rid of your old or historic windows and replacing them with newer model? We think you should pause and reconsider…

While there are times when window replacement is necessary, in most cases, a simple restoration is a far better solution! There are many benefits to window restoration as an alternative to total window replacement. In this article, we’ll outline the main benefits of opting for repair or restoration of your home’s original windows.

The Material

We all recognize that the quality of, well, basically everything is going downhill fast. Typically, the older your window, the more likely they are to have been created with sturdier materials than their more modern counterparts.

Historically, windows were created with strong, durable materials like wood and steel. This meant windows were able to last longer before needing repair or replacement. Windows today are typically made with more flimsy and temporary materials. If you explore window replacement, you will find that they are made with vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and other weak materials that tend to fail sooner and more often. In other words, they are made to be replaced!

Taking this into consideration, it makes a lot more sense to restore your older windows rather than replace them. If the damage to the older windows isn’t catastrophic, you will most likely get more use out of your restored original window in the long run than you would from a replacement.

Environmental Factors

Tons of debris is added to the environment every day from homeowners that are building, repairing, or renovating their homes. When you replace your windows, you are contributing to the mess. While this might not seem like that big of a deal, this type of debris is not environmentally friendly. If you are concerned about your impact on the environment, window restoration is your best bet. Not only will you save money, but you’ll be making a smart choice, environmentally, and for the long-term health and security of your home.

Over time, older homes shift and settle, and some aspects might even expand and contract with the seasons. Your older windows were most likely built to move with this natural shifting of your home. Newer windows don’t move in the same way, which leads to gaps that prevent your windows from keeping your home cool in the summer and cozy in the winter and can also allow water into your home over time.


It is a common misconception that window restoration is pricier than replacement. In reality, repairs to older or historic windows often cost just a fraction of a whole-home window replacement project. With the help of a window restoration professional, your older home can become fully operational again with just a little tender, loving care. If you’re very ambitious, it is possible for homeowners to DIY window repairs, which if done correctly, can significantly decrease the cost of even a repair. While this is possible, we do not recommend it, particularly for homes with historic windows. A mistake could call for the replication of a historic window, which would definitely cost more than a professional restoration.

If you’re concerned about the bottom line, window replacement should be a true no-go. New windows are made to be replaced. This means that a full-scale window replacement project using vinyl windows is more like a band-aid than investment that will pay dividends over time. It’s also important to consider that while individual parts can be replaced on older windows, this does not always hold true for newer ones. Newer types of windows will need to be replaced multiple times over the lifespan of your home, likely for a few thousand dollars every time.

Retain the Beauty of Your Historic Windows

We love the beauty and charm of historic windows. Unlike modern vinyl replacements, older windows were crafted as an artistic element of the home and therefore add a bit of personality to your space. If you are concerned about the energy efficiency or effectiveness of your historic windows, we urge you to consider restoring your windows to their former glory to maintain the intended look and feel or your home and invest in your home’s curb appeal and re-sale value.

If your windows are giving you trouble, call Window Consultants of Indiana, where restoration not replacement is the name of our game! We’ve provided window repair and restoration services to Hoosier homeowners in and around Indianapolis for over 20 years. You can count on our experienced team to repair storm damage, expertly restore your historic windows, and install or repair glass windowpanes.

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