Project Highlight: City of Carmel Historic Civic Center Window Restoration

Window Consultants of Indiana was recently awarded a contract for restoration of the City of Carmel’s historic Civic Center windows. Given the City’sincredibly high and exacting standards, securing a contract with the City of Carmel is a high honor and a noteworthy achievement.

The City of Carmel, Indiana, is known for its longstanding commitment to excellence in design – landscaping design, architectural design, design of public spaces, and even excellence in design of its over 150 roundabouts.

When it came time to retore the Civic Center’s 30-year-old windows to their original architectural excellence and beauty, the City of Carmel knew they needed professionals whose specialty is restoring, not replacing, windows to maintain the aesthetic integrity of the building.

Window Consultants of Indiana is known for our precise, detail-oriented, and artful window restoration services. We believe that the history of a space can be maintained through restoration instead of replacement. Window frames experience wear and tear over time, but our team of dedicated craftsmen can make windows look as fresh as the day they were installed using time-tested techniques and the latest technological advances to hand-craft replacement parts that seamlessly blend with the original components.  

Our approach to restoration aligned perfectly with the City’s goals for the Civic Center. The iconic building is an extremely important space to the City of Carmel, making restoration the best option to keep its history and aesthetic intact.  

The goal was to update the arched tops of the Civic Center’s 30-year-old third floor dormer windows, which are located 30-feet high in the air. Due to their elevation, it was extremely hard to work on these windows. However, our talented team of window restoration specialists was able to successfully reverse the damage caused by 30 years of weather abuse and replicate the windows’ original style using rot-proof materials to improve longevity.

While we can replace windows, we find that it is always preferable to invest in restoration to ensure a cohesive look and feel and avoid the shocking differentiation between new replacement windows and the original historic windows.

We’re proud to partner with cities, businesses, and homeowners alike to do our part to maintain Central Indiana’s architectural history. If your home or business needs window repair or restoration, please contact us. We'd love to evaluate your windows and design a plan to restore them to their former glory!

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Photo Source: City of Carmel, Indiana, March 2024 Newsletter